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ghd Diffuser Review

9:00 am

I have naturally straight hair, so there's no need for me to use a diffuser. However, since starting my hairdressing training, I purchased one of the ghd diffusers so that I would be able to blow-dry any curly haired models I may have. 

I've used this diffuser quite a lot since I bought it, and It really is a good piece of equipment. The diffuser attaches to the ghd air hairdryer with a simple click and doesn't fall off when it gets hot like some other makes of diffusers I have used in the past. The way the air holes are designed and placed on the diffuser means that you can dry curly hair quite quickly, no matter how thick it may be. You can also achieve a nice finish to it, if you don't touch the curls with your hands and only use the diffuser. 

I would defiantly recommend buying the ghd diffuser if you have curly hair, as you can really define your curls in a short space of time. The ghd diffuser costs £15 from ghd's online website and is a must have accessory for your ghd Air hairdryer!
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