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Yves Rocher Instant Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser Review

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Yves Rocher is a french brand that I have never tried before, so I was excited to use their instant anti wrinkle moisturiser. Although I don't have many wrinkles as such, I do have some fine lines, which this product claims to instantly smooth.

When I applied this product to my face, I could tell that the formula was thick as it felt like I was dragging the product across my face. Although, it did soak into my skin quickly, which meant that I didn't have to hang around before applying the rest of my makeup. 

Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with this product as It didn't improve the appearance of my fine lines. My face just looked like I had applied any old moisturiser onto it, not a wrinkle smoothing one. I decided to try the moisturiser out for a couple of months to see if it just needed a little time to work, however still no change was made.

I defiantly wouldn't recommend this product. It costs £18.50 from the Yves Rocher website, which is expensive for something that doesn't work.

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products before?
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