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Glove in a Bottle Review

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When I first started being a trainee hairdresser I didn't realise how important it was to look after my hands. I knew they would be in water a lot, but I didn't realise what damage that could do to my skin. After a couple of weeks, my hands went really dry and started to crack a little. They were really red and hurt when I put them in water. I had got dermatitis. 

After reading some reviews online, my mum bought me the glove in a bottle shielding lotion for my hands. This cream acts as a barrier over your hands to stop the water doing any damaged and moisturises them while it's on. The bottle says to reapply it every four hours. I started to use the lotion and I applied it when I got to work, at dinner time and then on my last break. Because my hands were already damaged, It did take a while for them to get better again, however I did see a difference in using the cream. My hands didn't sting in the water and the redness faded.

After a couple of months when I had managed to get my hands nearly back to normal again, by wearing gloves most of the time, I had the chance to see whether this lotion really worked. I stopped wearing gloves, except for colour shampoos, and my hands have stayed in good condition ever since! The glove in a bottle really does form a shield around your hands, without making them feel sticky. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone in the hairdressing trade! 

You can purchase the glove in a bottle for £9.99 from Boots, which is a great price as it lasts you forever.

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