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My Pandora Bracelet Review

9:00 am

After having my Pandora bracelet for around 3 years, I thought I should write a little post about it.

Pandora bracelets are great things to buy people as gifts. My bracelet was bought for me for my birthday along with a few charms. The reason it makes such a good present is that it suits everyone, no matter what their style is.  You can get them in sterling silver, gold or leather.

Pandora do a wide range of charms to add to the bracelet. They can be bought from all around the world and they even do limited edition ones, which are always nice to collect. The charms I chose for my bracelet all mean something to me or have a story behind them.

What My Charms Mean To Me
1- Taxi Charm - Reminds me of visiting New York.
2- Letter A Charm - My name is Amber
3- Four Leafed Clover Charm - Brings me luck
4- Bracelet Clip - Adds a bit of style to the bracelet
5- Pink Charm - My favourite colour is pink
6- Apple - Reminds me of New York
7- Purple Charm - I like the colour Purple
8- Shoe Charm - I LOVE shoes!
9- Another Pink Charm - Adds some colour to my bracelet
10- Bracelet Clip - Adds a bit of style to the bracelet
11- Handbag Charm - I love Designer Handbags
12- Present Charm - My bracelet was a gift.

Every pandora bracelet and charm is made of a very high quality. My bracelet has lasted 3 years and still looks as good as new. I would defiantly recommend buying one, if you haven't got one already, as they are lovely pieces of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion, at any time of day.

Visit your local Pandora shop to buy yours now!
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