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The Library of Fragrance Chocolate Chip Cookie Cologne Review

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Being a totally chocolate addict, there's one thing that I cannot resist; a cup of tea with a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Not only do they taste nice, I love the smell of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. When I heard that the Library of Fragrance had released a chocolate chip cookie fragrance, I was eager to get my hands on one, as I was amazed that someone could possibly bottle up the smell. 

I was contacted by a lovely lady, Clare Rees, who sent me a bottle of the fragrance to try. It came in a small white box, with a lovely hand written note. I always like it when companies make the effort to write notes when sending out products. It shows you that they are actually interested in your opinions and not just the marketing/advertising side. 

I was really surprised at the intense smell of chocolate chip cookies with just one spray of the fragrance. I can now smell the lovely treats whenever I want, without the added calories! Although I wouldn't wear this fragrance on me, I would use it as a room freshener to make my kitchen smell of freshly baked cookies. 

As well as the chocolate chip cookie fragrance, The Library of Fragrance also sell other fragrances including "pizza", "snow", "Gin and Tonic", "Fresh Laundry" and many more. They would make great gifts for friends and family, and even collectables, as they are unique and something you would have never thought you could bottle up and smell whenever and wherever you want to. 

You can layer different fragrances to create the perfect smell. "Marshmallow" and "fireplace" create a cosy smell for a lovely night in. Or how about "Sunshine" and "Pina Colada" to remind you of the beach? I'd like to pair my fragrance with "caramel" for an usual twist. 

You can purchase the chocolate chip cookie fragrance for £15 by clicking here. To browse the other fragrances click here. To read more about layering fragrances click here.

I would like to thank the Library of Fragrance for giving me the opportunity to try out one of their fragrances. 

Which fragrance(s) would you like to try?

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