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Elegant Touch Merlot Nails Review

9:00 am

Elegant Touch is my favourite false nail brand as they produce high quality nails that are on trend and easy to apply. I bought the Merlot nails, which have a purple ombre design, for my holidays last year. Unfortunately I was disappointed in these nails and I ended up taking them off half way through my holiday, leaving me with bare, scruffy looking nails. Not good!

The problem I had with these nails is that the ombre design was printed onto a white false nail. When the nails started to chip, you could see the white underneath, which didn't look good. Not only did the nails chip, the matte coating on the top scratched off easily leaving the nails with glossy patches. They looked horrible after just two days of wearing them. 

Like all Elegant Touch nails, you only get two nails for each size. I say this in every review I do on their nails, that there isn't enough of the smaller sizes for people with smaller fingers. I always have to file the bigger nails down to size.

Overall I would not recommend the Merlot nails as I didn't have a great experience with them and I felt a little let down by Elegant Touch, as normally their products are brilliant. They cost me £7.10 from boots, which was a waste of money.

What's your favourite false nail brand?

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