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Kerastase Discipline Range Review

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The Kerastase Discipline range is target for unruly, chemical treated hair types and it consists of five products; Bain Fluidealiste, Bain Fluidealiste Sans-Sulfates, Fondant Fluidealiste, Fluidissime and Maskeratine. Don't ask me how to pronounce them, I haven't got a clue! 

In todays post I am going to be reviewing three of the products from the range, which is for fine to normal hair. 

Bain Fluidealiste Sans-Sulfates

The Bain Fluidealiste Sans-Sulfates is a sulphate free shampoo that helps to stop the hair from being frizzy and makes it nice and smooth and shiny. You only need a small amount of the shampoo, roughly the size of a two pound coin. Because it is sulphate free, the shampoo doesn't foam up as much as ordinary shampoos do, so don't think that it isn't cleaning your hair, because it is. 

Since using the Bain Fluidealiste Sans-Sulfates shampoo I have noticed that my hair appears to be shinier and it always feels really soft. My hair doesn't have much frizz to it, but my fly away baby hairs aren't as wild as they normally are. I love the smell of this shampoo, it makes me want to wash my hair more often, it's gorgeous! I also like the bottle design, it looks classy, and the colour is pretty.

Fondant Fluidealiste

Fondant Fluidealiste is a rich conditioner that helps to make the hair stronger and shiner. It is best applied to towel dried hair so that the water doesn't dilute the conditioner down. You get the best results from this product after leaving it on your hair for at least two minutes. Anything above that time is great and helps to quicken up the results. 

I love this conditioner as I always find it leaves my hair tangle free and silky. Again you only need a small amount, I would say a ten pence piece should be enough, however you may need to use a little bit more if your hair is really long. 

The tube the product comes in is designed really well. It is very flexible, which means you can get out the last bits of product really easily. 


Fluidissime is an anti frizz heat protection spray, that can be used on towel dried hair. It sprays a light mist over your hair, leaving its lovely smell behind. Fluidissime protects your hair up to a higher degrees than your straighteners heat up to, which most heat protectors don't do. This means your hair is 100% protected while heat is being applied. It also makes your hair nice and shiny after use.

Overal I would recommend the Kerastase Discipline Range as it is high quality, good for your hair and you can actually see visible improvements. If you want to look after your hair, then you need these products in your life.

Here are the prices of the products I've reviewed today:

 Bain Fluidealiste Sans-Sulfates £13.60
Fondant Fluidealiste £16
Fluidissime £15.60

Have you tried any Kerastase Products?

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