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MAC Smolder Eye Kohl Review

9:00 am

Mac's smoulder eye kohl is an intense black. You won't get another shade that is blacker than this one. When applied, the colour is really bold and makes your eyes stand out. It is perfect for a dramatic or a going out look, but if you are wearing it for everyday, you need to keep the rest of your makeup very simple. 

This eye kohl is really easy to apply and creates a nice thick line. Unlike some eye kohl's  you don't have to go over the same bit twice because the colour is really pigmented. It has a lovely creamy texture, which makes the product slide along your eyelids. I was pretty amazed by its staying power. The colour didn't fade throughout the day and it took three makeup wipes and a bit face scrub to remove it, and there was still a little bit left on!

Overall I would defiantly recommend purchasing the MAC Smolder Eye Kohl as it is a great black liner to have in your makeup bag. It is made to a very high quality, and draws attention to your eyes. You can purchase it from any mac counter for £14/$16.
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