Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: Anatomicals No Bags Allowed Eye Gel Review

Anatomicals No Bags Allowed Eye Gel Review

9:00 am

I hope you are sitting down, as I am about to introduce to you the most amazing, superb product for those early morning, tired eyes. 

Early starts and late finishes only mean one thing, eye bags! Anatomicals have created an eye gel that tightens your eye bags and makes them invisible, while brightening and cooling the area.

I use a small pea sized amount on each eye and apply it by dabbing it onto the area. It is quite a thick gel and takes roughly around five minutes to completely dry, so it's best to apply first before doing anything else, so that it can be drying while you get on with the rest of your morning routine. It's important that you let it fully dry as I found it doesn't work as well if you don't. The skin around my eye area felt tight and I didn't have massive bags anymore, which was great!

I would defiantly recommend the Anatomicals No Bags Allowed Eye Gel, as although the packaging design lets the product down, it is an amazing eye gel that everyone should own. It is my most favourite and must have beauty product! You can purchase it from ASOS for £4.

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