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Elemis Fresh Skin Loving Lips Lip Balm Review

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Elemis is one of my favourite skincare brands and I simply love their Fresh Skin range, which is designed for young skin. Their products are made to such a high standard and never bring my sensitive skin out in spots. Because I like and trust Elemis products, I thought I would try out the loving lips lip balm. 

The loving lips lip balm is clear and can be applied with your finger or by putting the tube straight onto your lips. When the lip balm is applied it looks like a clear lip gloss. It is quite strange actually, as it doesn't feel moisturising like a lip balm usually does. Everything about this lip balm is the same as a lip gloss; The look, texture and feel, everything! It also needs applying quite a lot too and doesn't feel like it is soaking into your lips. 

After a few days of using the product, I did feel like my lips were less dry and more moisturised, which is proof that the product actually works. Instead of just having a lip balm with a subtle shine, you can have a lip balm that acts and looks like a lipgloss, with the benefits of a lip balm. Genius! 

Once again Elemis has produced a lovely product that is great for young skin. It is enriched with vitamin E, sweet almond oil and passionflower oil to condition the lips. You can purchase it from Debenhams for £8.

Have you tried any Elemis products before?

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