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MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

9:00 am

This pretty MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow palette came in macs holiday gift sets. It features two shades, a light lavender and a dark purply brown colour. They both have a shimmery finish to them, which reflects the light and makes your eyes sparkle. I believe the two shades could be called Midnight Round and Triple Impact, however because the palette came with the eyeshadows in, I couldn't see the name of them. 

These extra dimension eyeshadows blend easily with other colours and look great together to create a purple smokey look. They stay on the eyelid all day without needing touching up. The eyeshadows are very pigmented so you don't need to apply a lot. The Peplum eye pencil also goes great with these two shades. 

Overall the MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows are lovely colours that would suit all skin tones. Keep a look out on the MAC website for these shades being sold separately or for the holiday gift sets being brought out again, for a chance to get your hands on one!

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