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Adidas Originals Superstar Trainers Review

9:00 am

In todays post I am writing about the new Adidas Original Superstar trainers. They  feature a classic shell toe with coated leather on the upper part of the trainer. The stripes have zig zag edging and the trainers have a breathable mesh lining to keep your feet feeling fresh.

The thing I like the most about these trainers is the glittery detailing on them. I is placed tastefully, which still makes the trainer look smart, but adds a little interest to them at the same time.  

Now lets talk about the comfort. These trainers aren't the comfiest and you do have to wear them in before they start to feel better. But yet, if you want to wear some stylish trainers and look fashionable, a little pain won't bother you! I would recommend trying the trainers on in store before buying them as they are funny fits. I'm a size 5, but I needed a size 6 in these trainers. This design of the Superstar trainers is exclusive to JD. 

You can purchase the Adidas Original Superstar Trainers for £65.

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