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Dior Princess Addict Gloss Review

9:00 am

Dior's Princess nail polish is a bright, glittery, sweet pink colour. It fits its name perfectly.

The nail polish comes in the traditional dior packaging with a silver cap and a wide brush.  I'm not a big fan of the wide brush, as it always seems to have a lot of polish on it no matter how many times you wipe the brush on the side of the bottle. The brush can also be a little too big for small nails, especially your toes. Although, the plus side is you can paint your whole nail in single stroke, making the process a lot quicker!    


The thing I love the most about the Dior nail polish is that you only need one coat and you are ready to go. It doesn't take long to dry and doesn't chip that easily. Like all polishes with glitter in, it does take longer than usual to get it off. However the princess polish isn't one of those polishes you need to file off to remove the glitter! 

The Dior Princess Addict Gloss is a lovely colour to have in your nail polish collection. You can purchase it from Feel Unique for £18.

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  1. Pretty color! I haven't tried much Dior makeup x

    1. I haven't to be honest, but I will be trying more in the future after using this polish x


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