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Hair Post: How to Apply a Hair Mask for Best Results

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In a lot of my hair posts I always advise people to use masks on their hair at least once a week to help maintain healthy hair. However I thought the other day, does everyone know how to apply a hair mask to achieve maximum results? Well today I'm going to be showing you how to.

Start by combing through your wet hair to ensure their is no knots. 

Section off your hair just above your ears and clip it out of the way.

Take a small section of hair and apply the mask to it. Twist the hair all the way down to the bottom. 

Repeat this until all the hair in that section is twisted and covered in the mask. 

Unclip the hair you sectioned out of the way earlier. Split it in half and clip the top piece out of the way again. Repeat the process on this section. 

Last but not least, take down the final section and repeat the process again, making sure the mask is evenly distributed all over the hair. 

Leave the mask on for a least 10 minutes before giving your hair a good rinse. 

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