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7 Foods to Make You Even More Prettier

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When we have a problem with our skin, we normally reach for creams, balms and scrubs to help solve the problem. This means spending a lot of money on lotions and potions to help keep our skin in a good condition. However many of us don't realise that certain fruit and vegetables can solve the problem without breaking the bank! 

Here are my top 7 foods that help to make you even more prettier. 

Carrots protect your skin from the sun. They contain cartenoids, which reduce how sensitive your skin is to the UV rays. They also help to reduce redness. 

Broccoli is full of vitamin c, which our bodies need a lot of, as it comes out of the body as fast as it goes in. Broccoli also helps to fight off cancer cells, so make sure you eat at least one portion per day. 

You may think this sounds silly, but water is the liquid that will solve all your beauty problems. Water boosts your metabolism to keep you fit and slim. The more you drink the better, so make sure you drink at least eight glasses a day! Water also helps to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh. Even more reason to swap that fizzy drink for water!

Tired, puffy eyes? Put a slice of cucumber on your eyes for a few minutes and your problem will be solved. Cucumber is full of anti-inflammatories, which help to reduce the swelling. 

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene, which fights raging and keeps you looking young.

Avocados have healthy fats in them which burn fat and help you to loose weight. They also prevent and assist arthritis and help your skin against ageing. 

Spininch is full of vitamin A. Vitamin A is anti ageing and helps to retain moisture on the skin and remove dead cells. Spinach also contains vitamin K, which fights free radicals to keep the skin looking healthy, glowing and youthful. 

Do you have any foods that you rely on to keep you healthy? 

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