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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout Review

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My Kayla Journey started when my mum showed me some before and after pictures of people who were using the guide. The amazing results in the photos made us buy the Bikini Body Guide and do it together, to encourage each other. 

I've never been over weight and I didn't purchase the guide to loose weight I simply wanted to tone up and eat more healthier. I bought myself some weights and a gym mat ready to start my workout.

The 12 week guide comes as a download to your computer. You can purchase the ebook version if you want to instead of the computer download. I printed off the guide and laminated the pages to make the workouts easier to see. In the guide it has an eating plan, (they do a vegetarian version of the guide too!) stretches to do before and after the workout, how to know if your doing the exercises right and the workout itself. Everything is explained in lots of detail and includes colourful pictures too. 

The Workout 

Day 1 of doing the Kayla workout absolutely killed me. I'm not going to lie, it was hard doing a workout when I'd not done one in ages! However after the first week it was easier to complete and my body was used to the regular exercise.

You follow the workouts on MondayWednesday and Friday and are advised to do cardio on the in between days. At the beginning of the guide you do Legs and Cardio on Monday, Abs and Arms on Wednesday and a full body workout on Friday. As you progress through the guide you don't have a full body workout and instead have separate legs, arms and ab workouts. 

The Food 

When I purchased the guide, the vegetarian plan wasn't made yet. I tried to follow the guide as much as I could and replaced the meat with something similar, but quorn.

The food plan isn't like all the other fad diets out there. It is realistic. It doesn't tell you to just drink shakes all day or to only have two meals a day. It provides you with the right foods to give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day and tells you to eat enough so you have enough energy to get through the day. 

Did it work?

Yes! I saw a difference in how my body looked over the course of the workout. I started to look more toned and I felt healthier too! I've decided not to share my before and after photos as I don't want them to be online. 

I'm still doing Kayla now, a year after I purchased it. I've tailored it a bit more to myself now though, to suit my lifestyle and needs. I work long hours and I'm literally running around all day, which is why I only do Kayla at least once a week now. Although I do find this is enough to keep my body in shape. 

The Bikini Body Guide is a great workout and food plan for anyone wanting to loose weight or tone up. You can do it at home, at the gym or even in your garden! You can take it anywhere with you! I would defiantly recommend it. You should also follow Kayla on Instagram as she posts some great inspiring and encouraging fitness photos.

The Bikini Body Workout Bundle costs $119,97 AUD from It is a lot of money for a workout and diet but it is something that you can use and keep forever. It is worth every penny. If you just want to try it out first, she offers a free 7 day workout on her website. 
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  1. I will suggest you to do yoga and get yoga belt for regular exercise. This will help your body to keep well and will make you more energetic and refreshing.


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