Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: Hair Tutorial: 5 Tips & Tricks for Curling Hair

Hair Tutorial: 5 Tips & Tricks for Curling Hair

9:00 am

Always spray hairspray before, as well as after, curling your hair.

Always leave your curls to cool down completely before touching or styling them. 

After curling your hair, don't just leave the curls as they are. Always brush them out with a dressing brush or your fingers to style them. The curls look much better after doing this. 

Don't curl your hair if you have straightened it already that day. Always wash and blowdry it again first. If you try to curl your hair after straightening it, your hair won't curl properly. 

Make sure your curl the very ends of your hair. If you miss them they will be straight and your hair will look like fish hooks! 

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