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KIKO Infinity & Sparkle 404 Fuschia Eyeshadow Review

9:00 am

404 Fuschia by KIKO is a sparkly, intense pink eyeshadow. It can be used either wet or dry to create a stunning eye look. I like to apply it with a brush, but it can also be applied with your fingers. It is easy to blend and works well with other eyeshadow brands.

The formula of the eyeshadow makes it last all day on your eyes without needing topping up. It is made with highly concentrated pigments and pearls, which are coated in a glossy oil to make the powder more radiant and intense. 

If you notice, the eyeshadow isn't in a normal pot like the other KIKO eyeshadows. This is because it is designed to fit into the KIKO palettes. You can create your own custom palette by choosing your favourite shades from the KIKO range. This is a great idea that is used by many brands. It helps you to save space in your makeup bag by having all your favourite eyeshadows together in one place. 

KIKO infinity and sparkle eyeshadows are great to add some colour and sparkle into your life at a low cost. They look expensive in the packaging and are a good quality product. 
KIKO Infinity and Sparkle 404 Fuschia Eyeshadow - £2.80 

All prices correct at time of writing post

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