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My Lip Filler Experience

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Since being about thirteen years old, I have always wanted bigger lips. After having a brace fitted on my teeth, my lips sank in and became really small. My top lip was hardly visible. When I became old enough to have fillers, I booked in at the Elements Medi Spa. 

When I arrived I was taken into the lounge area, which was cosy and warm and even had a little cafe. I waited for around ten minutes before being taken into the treatment room. The lady who was going to be applying the fillers had an in death consultation with me. She asked what I didn't like about my lips and how I wanted them to look. She told me that only one syringe would be enough to create the look I wanted, even though I had paid for two in advance.  

Now it was time for the procedure. She first numbed my lips. This was the most strangest feeling in the world! She then began to apply the fillers. It felt like someone was prodding your lips, there wasn't any pain at all, and I'm not good with pain! It didn't take long at all. As soon as she had finished I was free to go. When I looked in the mirror my lips looked massive. She reassured me it was the swelling and it would go down.  As the numbing started to wear off, my lips hurt. It was a painful to eat, but the more I moved, the better it got. You are told to drink lots of water, which helps the product in your lips. After two days the swelling had gone, but it took two weeks to see the final result. 

Here's what my lips looked like immediately after the procedure.

Two weeks later and I was happy with my lips. They looked nice and natural. You wouldn't be able to tell I'd had them done if you didn't know me. I felt more confident and they suited my face lovely. 

Here's my before photos (left) and my after photos (right). The after photo was taken two weeks later when they had settled down fully. 

I had my lips done on in October. By December/January they were back to normal again. I was disappointed with this as I thought they would of lasted a lot longer. The fillers dissolved slowly, which was unnoticeable until you felt your lips and you couldn't feel the product any more. I have re booked to get my lips done again, although I will be questioning why they didn't last very long. 

The price of lip fillers at Elements is £175 for the first syringe. If you decide to have more put in after a few weeks you get the syringe at a discount price. Elements sometimes have offers on the fillers which is worth looking out for as you do save a lot of money. 

My experience of having lip fillers was good. They turned out how I wanted them and looked great while they lasted. I would always have fillers done again in the future. Some people say that you can get carried away and end up looking silly, but if you go to somewhere good, that won't happen. They will refuse to put more product in if you don't need it. 

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