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Clarins Skin Spa Sun Glow Treatment Review

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I recently booked myself in at the Clarins Skin Spa to have the Sun Glow treatment done as a birthday treat. The Sun Glow Treatment is described by Clarins as the “ultimate self tanning treatment for the face and body”. It takes around 90 minutes in total.

On arrival at the spa, I was taken into a small room that was split into two halves with a curtain. At the bottom half of the room was a shower and changing area, and in the top half was a treatment bed. Louise, the spa lady, explained the treatment in detail to me before she left the room and asked me to change into the disposable knickers provided.

To begin with, Louise massaged an exfoliating scrub all over my body, which removes any dead skin cells. This prepares your skin ready for the tan application. Once the scrub was massaged in everywhere,  I was able to get into the shower and wash it off. I must admit, this part of the treatment was my favourite. Words cannot describe how amazing the scrub felt on my skin both before and after I had showered it off! My skin felt fresh, smooth and like it was brand new. I would happily pay to have this scrub done once a week it was that nice!

The next part of the treatment was the tan application. I was asked to point out any dry areas on my body so that a special cream could be applied first. I think this was to stop the tan sticking to it. Louise then started to massage the tanning lotion into my body. I was asked to wait ten minutes before getting dressed. Like all tans, my body felt sticky until it had full soaked in and dried. I was advised that I didn’t need to shower it off the next day and that the tan wouldn’t come off in the shower or go streaky.

My experience at the skin spa was amazing. I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The majority of your body is covered up throughout the treatment. They only uncover the section they are doing at a time, so you don’t feel like you are all on display.  You are given lots of privacy and everything you need is provided for you.

In regards to the tan itself, I don’t think I would have it done again as I wasn’t totally impressed with the results. The next day when I woke up, my face looked patchy and only got worse as time went on. Although I was able to blend the tan using makeup, the whole reason I got my tan done professionally was so I didn’t have to. The rest of my body was ok, apart from my hands and feet, which were bright orange.

I would defiantly go back to the Skin Spa, as my experience was amazing, however next time I will try out a different treatment and give the tan a miss. 

The Sun Glow Treatment costs £52. 

Click HERE to find out more about the Clarins Skin Spa and the treatments they do. 
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