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#LASHGANG Nouveau Lashes LVL Training Review

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On Monday 14th March I attended the Nouveau Lashes LVL Lash Training at their Yorkshire academy. I'm sure you all know or have heard of LVL Lashes before, but if you don't, LVL is a lash treatment that adds length, volume and lift without the use of mascara, adhesive or false lashes. You can find out more about the treatment by visiting the Nouveau Lashes Website. The training started at 9am, but as I arrived early, I was allowed to help myself to refreshments that had been provided for the students.

Once training was about to start, me and the other 6 girls who were joining me on the training, was lead into a small room that was set up like a classroom, with workbooks, tools and handouts that we would be needing for the day. Training was lead by Jo and Gemma who I found to be very friendly, welcoming and helpful. For the majority of the morning we were talked through a power point presentation on health and safety, the treatment, how to do it and how to add it to your business. Once the presentation was over, we practiced the treatment on training heads. 

At 12 o'clock we broke for dinner. We were taken back to the dining area were a buffet style lunch was laid on free of charge. As I was vegetarian, they made me a jacket potato with salad, which was very nice! We had half an hour to eat our dinners and then meet in another room for the practical part of the training. 

The next room we entered looked like a salon treatment room. It had about 5 or 6 treatment beds laid out with trolleys at the side of them that had all the equipment on you would need. We worked with the person we were sat next to, and took it in turns doing the treatment on each other. This was good, as you got to feel what the treatment felt like from a clients point of view. Jo and Emma split themselves between the group so that everyone got lots of attention and help. Jo checked my work as I went along and was always there when I needed help to put me on the right track. 

As you finished, you were complemented on your work and given feedback. Kits were handed out if you required one and then you were free to leave. I finished at about 4 o'clock, which wasn't bad at all. 

In my experience the LVL training was very informative and clear to understand. Any questions got answered and we were able to take before and after photos of our work and guided on what photos look the best to show off your work. All the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The training was very organised and everything was always set out ready at each stage. I would definitely recommend this course and I can't wait to go back and attend the other lashes courses! 

Visit the Nouveau Lashes website to find out more about the LVL training.

You can also click HERE to see other Nouveau Lashes courses. 

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