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System Professional Liquid Hair Review

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About the Product & Brand
The best way to describe System Professionals Liquid Hair is “hair in a bottle”. Once it is activated by heat, the liquid fills in the hair molecules to reconstruct the hair fibre where it has been damaged. The reconstruction then lasts around five washes.

System Professional used to be called ‘SP’ before their rebrand a few months ago. During their rebrand, they updated some of their old products, discontinued a lot of products and brought out a whole new ‘Energy Code’ range. 

How To Use It
Liquid Hair is an intensive treatment. To apply it you must first shampoo your hair and towel dry it.

Part your hair down the middle, and then from ear to ear. You should have four rough sections of hair: two at the top and two at the bottom.

If you look on the pipet in the bottle, there is a line marked out. You fill the pipet to the line and sprinkle it evenly onto one section. You then fill it another three times for the remaining sections.

As the treatment is heat activated, you now need to dry the product into your hair using a hairdryer. Once this is done, you then rinse your hair well and the treatment is finished.

My Experience 
I’ve used the liquid hair quite a lot on different hair types, as I work in a salon. Every time I’ve used the treatment on a client I’ve noticed a big difference in their hair. I bought some of the liquid hair to use on myself, and family members at home.

My Mum’s hair is damaged due to colouring it for a long period of time. The ends of her hair are quite brittle and it is also very fine. I applied the Liquid Hair treatment to her hair after I had coloured it, to repair and condition it. I found the pipet easy to use and it didn’t take more than two minutes to apply it.

Once the treatment was finished and she had rinsed her hair for the final time, I began to blow dry her hair for her. I could already see a difference. Her hair had a lovely shine to it and it was a lot easier to blow dry as it just fell into place without any effort.  As you ran your fingers through it, it felt a lot thicker and looked healthier. The treatment didn’t weight her hair down or make it look greasy. We were both very impressed with the results of the treatment. 

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To find a salon that stocks the product click HERE.

To find out more about Energy Coding click HERE.
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