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Illamasqua Opulent Sheer Lipgloss Review

9:00 am

Wearing Illamasqua's Bare Lipstick and Opulent Lipgloss.
Illamasqua's Opulent lipgloss has been around for a while after launching as part of their 'Once' Collection a few years ago. I was introduced to it a couple of months ago when I got my makeup done. To be honest I can't believe I haven't found it sooner with it being such a lovely product. 

When I first looked at the product in the tube, I was a bit weary of the colour, as I thought it might look a little weird on my lips. However that was not the case. As soon as it was applied to my lips, It gave me a lovely natural shimmer. I like to pair this gloss with the Illamasqua 'Bare' lipstick for a nice nude lip. 

Opulent isn't overly sticky on the lips and stays on quite well. I only had to re apply it after eating. I always wear a good lip primer underneath any lip gloss or lipstick as I find it helps it to stay on longer and stops the product from drying out your lips. 

Retailing at £17.50, Illamasqua's Opulent lipgloss is the perfect gloss to have. It is suitable for any occasion and you can pair it with different lipsticks to create different looks. 

Click HERE to read more about the Opulent lipgloss.

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