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Illamasqua Shard Lipstick Review

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I was introduced to the Illamasqua Shard Lipstick when I got my makeup done by Drew at the leeds store. I never normally wear such dark colours on my lips, but once it was on, I loved it! It went lovely with my eye makeup too. I think it is one of those amazing shades that compliment most looks whether it be dramatic or simple and toned down. 

Shard is described by Illamasqua as a "Red Violet". I've found that after looking at a variety of swatches of this lipstick, it looks different on every person! The lipstick has a matte finish, but that can easily be changed by adding a gloss over the top for a different look. Shard is long lasting on the lips and doesn't smudge or fade. 

Like all dark lipstick shades, you definitely need a good lip liner to help you get a perfect outline, and some concealer to clean up any little mistakes. Don't forget to apply a moisturising lip primer first, so that the lipstick doesn't stick to any dry or chapped areas. Below are some products I like to pair with the Shard lipstick. 
Primer / Lip Liner / Concealer

Retailing at £19.50, Shard by Illamasqua is the perfect shade for a bold, statement lip. Click HERE to purchase it or read more about it. 

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