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Beauty Cards: Why You Should Have One

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 I thought I would do a different type of post today. Instead of reviewing a product, I thought I would do a little FAQ sort of post about beauty cards. Beauty cards come in so handy that I feel like everyone should have one. However when you're at the till on a busy day and you get asked about a beauty card, you automatically reply with no. This can be  because you don't know if its free or not, what it actually is and you don't really have the time to stop and find out about it. Well today I'm telling you everything you need to know to help you start saving money by owning a beauty card. 

First off, lets start with Boots.

The Boots Advantage Card

Cost: Free

The Boots Advantage Card is the card I use the most. For every £1 you spend in Boots, no matter what you buy, you get 4 points on your advantage card. 1 point is the equivalent of a penny. All you have to do is pop your advantage card in the card machine at the till and your points are automatically added. 

I buy most beauty items from boots, whether it be toiletries, fragrance or other beauty essentials. I can buy my usual shopping while collecting points at the same time. Once I've built up my points, I can then spend them on anything I like in the boots store. The points come in handy especially around birthdays and christmas time. You can buy gifts without spending any real money!

As well as collecting points, you also get exclusive offers and vouchers sent to you through the post every few months. These offers and vouchers can be to earn more points for every £1 you spend, or money off certain items. The offers and vouchers are tailored to things you have recently bought in the store, so you'll be able to use all of them, as they will be for things you normally buy. 

Boots also have an app, where you can check your advantage card balance and load other offers to your card so they are automatically applied, once you purchase the required product for the voucher to be applicable. 

To get an Advantage Card, you can apply online and it will be sent out to you in the post. Click HERE to get your Boots Advantage Card now!

The Superdrug Beauty Card

Cost: Free

The Superdrug Beauty Card is very similar to the Boots Advantage Card. You earn 1 point for every £1 you spend and you can purchase something using a mixture of both card points and cash. By being a Beauty Card member, you get free standard delivery on all online orders, plus exclusive member discounts, a birthday treat and bonus points when you buy certain items. 

Superdrug also have an app where you can check your balance.

To get a beauty card, simply call into your local superdrug and ask for one at the till. You then register it online by filing out a few details about yourself and then you are ready to start collecting points!

Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card

Cost: Free

The Debenhams Beauty Club card can only be used to collect points when you purchase beauty items. You can collect points with the card from anything else you purchase in the store. For every £1 you spend you get 3 points on your card. The difference with the Debenhams Beauty Card is that you points do run out. This is the only beauty card that clears your points after a certain period of time, so be sure to use them or you'll loose them!

Benefits of having a Debenhams Beauty Card is that you get free online standard delivery, a treat when it's your birthday, bonus points and free makeovers and consultations. 

To get a Debenhams Beauty card, simply ask for one at the till and register it online or in store to start using. 

Harvey Nichols Rewards App

Cost: Free

Although the Harvey Nichols Rewards App isn't a beauty card as such, it works in a similar way so I thought I would include it in this post. I love and use the Harvey Nichols rewards app all the time. It is one of my favourite ways to collect points. It is actually better for me being an app and not a card, because that means it's one less thing in my purse!

With the Rewards app, you can collect 1 point for every £1 you spend in store. This can be on anything; beauty, fashion, makeup, literally anything they sell in the store! 

The app works by having different reward tiers. The more points you earn, the higher their you become and the more offers and discounts you get. Every few months, the app lets you choose from a selection of rewards depending on how many points you earned in that reward period. Last month, I earned a £5 voucher to spend on anything I wanted! These rewards don't affect how many points you have to spend, which is good as you still have you full balance there to treat yourself.

To collect points all you have to do is show your app at the till, the cashier will scan it and you points will be loaded onto it. Sometimes it can take a few hours for the points to show. Don't worry if you forget to show your app as you can load the points to your card by scanning your receipt via the app. 

To be part of the Harvey Nichols Rewards programme, simply download the app and register. Once you've done that, you'll be ready to collect points!
As you can see, there are lots of different beauty cards/reward programmes you can be part of to save and earn money while doing your ordinary shopping. So what are you waiting for? Get your beauty cards and start collecting points now!
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  1. My Boots card is used so so much! I dont really bother with mu superdrug one tbh!
    Summer xx


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