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The Best Glitter Nail Polish Ever!

9:00 am

In todays post I am introducing you to one of the best glitter nails polishes out there on the market. Meet "Diamond Dust" by Rimmel London. 

I was bought this nail polish by my boyfriend as a little gift. I must admit, when I choose nail polishes, I don't normally go for glitter ones because they never spread evenly when you paint it onto your nail. However, he picked well because this nail polish is everything you could possible want to create a dark, glitter nail! 
In the bottle, Diamond Dust looks like it is going to be a black glitter nail polish, when in actual fact, once its painted onto the nails, it is a lovely slate grey colour with large silver glitter particles in it. It is the perfect shade for this time of year, especially with party season coming up.

The formula of the nail polish is just right. Its not too thick and not too thin. It has a large amount of glitter in the bottle, which means you get a perfect even coverage. It doesn't chip easily and stayed on my nails for a whole week before I had to take it off because I was getting my nails infilled. 

Overall this nail polish is defiantly one you need to have in your nail box. It makes a lovely stocking filler and also comes in other colour so you can collect them all! It retails at £3.99, which is nice and affordable. You can click HERE to read more about it or to purchase one for yourself!
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