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Cloud Nine The Original Iron Review

9:00 am

For years, I have always used ghd irons because I believed they were the best, high quality, irons you could get. Recently I've been trying to get my hair into a better condition, so I've started to change parts of my hair routine to try and make my hair stronger and healthier. 

The thing that attracted me to the Cloud Nine Irons is the fact that you can change the temperature of the irons, something you can't do with the ghd's I was currently using. The temperature button allows you to change the temperature from 75 degrees to 220 degrees depending on your hair and the amount of heat required. Since I'm trying to get my hair into a better conditioner, I've turned down the heat to 150 degrees which straightens my hair perfectly when I can't be bothered doing a perfect blow-dry on myself. If I've blow-dried my hair and I'm just wanting to go over the ends I have the temperature as low as 100 degrees.

Another thing I love about the Cloud Nine irons is that the plates of the irons are coated in a mineral ceramic. I didn't think I would notice a difference in how the plates felt on my hair, however I was wrong. When I used the irons for the first time, they glided down my hair without pulling or tugging like my old straighteners did. I never get a line in my hair from where the straighteners have stuck to my hair like I got with my old irons.

The Original Cloud Nine Irons retail at £139, which is a little more expensive than the popular ghd brand, but in my experience they are worth paying that little bit more for the kindness to your hair. Included in the price you get a pretty heat protective bag to store the straighteners in. This comes in handy when I'm travelling and when I need to put my straighteners away in a rush. I don't need to wait for them to cool down. You also get a blue heat protective guard which fits onto the end of your straighteners.

Overall, In my opinion, the Cloud Nine Original Irons are the best pair of irons I have used in a long time. I would defiantly recommend them if you are trying to get your hair healthier or to simply keep it in a good condition. You can click HERE to purchase a pair for yourself or read more about them. 

What Irons do you use?

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